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RSYTC is excited to announce this new discount to registered campers!

We appreciate your patronage and compliments and a referral is the best compliment you can give to a small business organization.

For each student that writes your name on their registration form in the space that states, “How did you hear about RSYTC?”, you will receive one $50 REWARD

Let us know if you think one of your friends would like an introductory and informational email to be sent to them. >>

*$50 Reward is applicable for families returning to RSYTC, good for UNLIMITED $50 REWARDS, per each new student registered (never enrolled in RSYTC) for a camp session they enroll in. 
New camper registration form must specify you as their referral source at time of enrollment.
Reward(s) may be deducted from tuition balance, but not deposit.


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