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Summer Theatre Intensives

Our summer camps, called Summer Theatre Intensives (STIs) ​are two-week, full commitment programs focused on training in acting, dancing and singing. They are rigorous, artistically stimulating, and are designed to give everyone involved, intensive skill-building experiences.

They are open to kids ages 8-18 (unless otherwise noted) and of ALL levels; those who are already working in the industry,
those who are performing in school and community shows as well as for those new to the stage.

These are not craft and games kind of camps but intensives that focus on hard work to develop and put on a Broadway-style show
for live audience(s) in a matter of a couple of weeks. They are not for everyone, but they are intensely fun and amazing experiences.

RSYTC believes that theatre evokes the worlds of our dreams and memories, as well as many of the metaphorical possibilities of theater. It is also a remarkable medium for addressing social change and personal transformation.


The objective of this training program is to:

  • Inspire children to understand and experience theatre, from behind the scenes to the action on stage.

  • Learn foundational techniques of giving life to character in solo and collaborative ensembles.

  • Develop confidence, social skills and technique to perform in front of a live audience.

  • Build an understanding of each cast member's relationship to the musical/production.

RSYTC teaches methods that have been developed over 30 years of workshops around the world. 


Enrollment is LIMITED and our summer programs sell out FAST!


(close to the Sparta Shoprite)


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