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For 2024 we are offering 3 amazing "Summer Theatre Intensives" (STIs) for children ages 8-18.
  • Into The Woods | Teens (12-18)

  • The Wizard of Oz | Juniors (8-13)

  • The Lightning Thief | Mixed (8-18)


For our 2024 season, registrations are now open and are on a first come, first serve basis.
A limited number of spots are available for all intensives. 

* Registrations are limited and enrollment is NOT guaranteed.

The registration fee for any STI is $550/child + $25-100* costume fee. 
        * costume fees are mandatory and will be dependent on show.
Registration fees include two weeks of full-day (from 9AM to 3PM), musical theatre instruction, 2-4 performances, a script for each child to keep, and memories to last a lifetime! 
Registration fees must be paid online and before auditions are scheduled. 

Auditions are held virtually via GOOGLE MEET or ZOOM.
Auditions are mandatory for all lead and featured roles to determine the best match for these integral parts.
Those interested in contributing to the production as part of the ensemble are welcome to sign up without auditioning

All auditions must be scheduled via
If your child is unable to do a virtual audition, please contact the director at, to make other arrangements.

All STIs run Monday to Friday from 9AM to 3PM.


  • INTO THE WOODS: June 24 - July 13  (closed July 4)

  • THE WIZARD OF OZ: July 15 - 27 

  • THE LIGHTNING THIEF:  July 29 - August 10

NJ location > The First Presbytarian Church of Sparta
Address: 32 Main Street - Sparta NJ

You do not need to live in-state to participate in any of our programs, but you will need to have a means of transportation to get to and from camp, everyday in addition to show dates.


All children must be picked up from inside the building and signed out. No child may wander out by themselves.

This pick-up policy is mandatory.

Children walking unaccompanied to meet rides in other locations will not be allowed due to safety concerns. We need to ensure each child transitions safely from our supervision to an authorized guardian at the end of rehearsals and programs.

We appreciate parents and family members abiding by this rule. Please come to the entrance to sign out your child and accompany them to your vehicle. Following this policy helps us maintain student security

Performances are MANDATORY and will be held on the Friday and/or Saturday following the camp's end.


  • #1 - INTO THE WOODS (Teens)
    Friday (July 12) at 7PM and Saturday (July 13) at 2PM

    Location:  Pehrson Hall / First Presbyterian Church of Sparta  | 32 Main Street Sparta NJ


  • #2 - THE WIZARD OF OZ (Juniors)
    Friday (July 26) at 7PM and Saturday (July 27) at 2PM

       Location: Pehrson Hall / First Presbyterian Church of Sparta  | 32 Main Street Sparta NJ

  • #3 - THE LIGHTNING THIEF  (Mixed)
    Friday, August 9 at 7PM and Saturday, August 10 at 2PM
    Location:  Pehrson Hall / First Presbyterian Church of Sparta  | 32 Main Street Sparta NJ

Tickets for performances usually will be available for purchase by June 20, online only, via Ticket Tailor.
All tickets are $20/each
 and are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged due to Ticket Tailor's policies.

Rising Stars Youth Theatre Co has a NO REFUND policy, unless for a medical emergency, and formal doctor's note must be submitted from a licensed physician and is subject to review by the Board.
Notes/letters that are not from a state-licensed physician, will NOT be accepted.
If such a request is decided in favor of a refund, it shall be $200 less of the total price paid, for administrative fees.

 - The "No Refund Policy" becomes valid once a role is accepted by child and/or parent.
 - Any and all discounted rates are NOT eligible for a refund.

 - No Refunds will be granted for any reason (medical or other), if the request is 1-4 weeks prior to the start of an intensive.

* Requests for a refund must sent via a formal request in writing, with accompanying documention.

Rising Stars Youth Theatre Co has a NO-TRANSFER policy.

Registrations cannot be transferred between programs. If you have paid in full for your child to participate in a specific program, they may not exchange that registration for a different program or show.

  • Ex: if you registered/paid for Chicago you can not request to change for The Addams Family


Discounts may be offered with early registration for the time determined via social media promos. 
Discounts and promotions cannot be applied retroactively.
If you have already paid in full or accepted a role in a program, you are not eligible for any discounts or promotions offered after your registration.

  • Ex: if you register and pay for an intensive and then 3 weeks later we offer a promotional discount, that discount would not apply to your existing registration.

  • Winnings from contests, raffles\tricky-trays, or giveaways cannot be combined with, substituted nor cashed-in, for regular intensive registrations that have already been purchased beforehand.

If you have an issue with this policy, you may choose to withdraw your child from the camp or program​ and receive a refund less a $200 administrative fee.
*Discounted rates are deemed "non-refundable.

Attendance is extremely important and vital when preparing for such a large production and we encourage parents to enforce this with their child. Our programs are 2 weeks and they rely on every child's participation as a team not a solo one.
If a child misses more than 3 days, they will removed from the intensive/show. Exceptions to this rule due to extenuating circumstances are at the discretion of the director and Board
 - Any lead role missing 3 or more days, she/he will be recast from a lead to ensemble.
 - Anyone late more than 4 times will be reviewed by the Board.

*NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED for recasting or removal of child, due to excessive lateness and/or absences.


At Rising Stars Youth Theatre, we strive to provide a positive, nurturing environment that inspires our actors to do their best.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for negative attitudes, inappropriate behavior, bullying, teasing, or disrespect of any kind. This includes physical abuse, foul language, bullying (in-person or online), negative social media posts, stealing, or unwillingness to participate.

Any assault will be reported to local authorities. If any problematic behavior arises, we will notify parents immediately. If the issue is not resolved by the next rehearsal, the child will be dismissed from the program without a refund.

This policy extends to parents and family members. If a parent demonstrates disrespect, negativity, bullying, or violence of any kind, they and their child will be removed from the program right away without a refund.

Our goal is to provide a positive environment where all participants feel safe, respected, and inspired to achieve their creative potential. We appreciate your partnership in making Rising Stars a supportive place for youth to grow through theater arts.

*If your child is removed due to any of the above mentioned issues, NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED.

Rising Stars Youth Theatre has a no cell phone usage policy during program hours, except during designated breaks.
Cell phones must be put away during all rehearsals.

If a student uses their phone during rehearsal after being reminded of the policy, it will be confiscated until the end of the day when a parent can pick it up. If a student is called out more than 2-3 times for phone use, they will lose the privilege of bringing a phone to the program.

Repeated cell phone usage during rehearsals, after reminders, may result in dismissal from the program under our Attitude/Behavior Policy.

We aim to provide an environment free of distractions, where students can focus on building their creative skills.

We appreciate parents’ partnership in enforcing this policy by speaking with your student and reiterating the expectations around appropriate cell phone usage. Phones may be used during break times and picked up at the end of rehearsal. Our goal is to minimize distractions and maintain a positive learning environment. Please let us know if you have any questions!


Each show has a costume fee, which is mandatory. The director and/or staff will announce the fee prior to the start of the intensive. Costume fees may range from $25 to $100.


Cast t-shirts will be available for purchase prior to the start of any intensive.  T-shirts will proudly display the show logo along with RSYTC's.  T-shirts are $20 (up to XL) and $25 (for larger sizes)
Please note that the purchase of a cast t-shirt is optional and not a requirement.

You will have the opportunity to purchase an ad for your child in the show Playbill.
The ad can include a photo of your child and text of your choice (limited per size).
You will receive Playbill Ads Order sheets on the first day of camp.
For families with more than one child in the show, you have the option to purchase one ad for all of your children or separate ones for each child. 
Please note that Playbill ads are optional, not a requirement.

* Booster ads are non-refundable.

All official communications regarding any/all intensives are posted on BAND APP and FACEBOOK pages. Make sure parents and kids join! 

Officials emails only will come from:
Laura Rizzo (Exec. Director) email: | phone: 973.346.2426

Renata Ginter (VP) email: | 908.827.1035

Audition email:

If you receive an email from a different email address portraying to be Rising Stars, please report it immediately. 
Our official website is 

All online information will be posted to that website in addition to Facebook and Instagram.


Please note that we are a non-for-profit organization and ALL camp registrations are marked as "donations" via Paypal.
All payments are due prior to scheduling auditions.

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